Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior Amy Chua Analysis

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In the article, “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior,” the author Amy Chua, talks about how “Chinese mothers” identify different than “Western mothers.” Amy has two daughters and was brought into the U.S. at the age of one. She writes this to show how she raises her daughters as westen kids brought up by a Western father and a Chinese mother. She writes this to inform mislead people about the common stereotypes of Chinese kids that tend to be the best at academics. Chua joins the argument that Western parents obtain a reputation of not being as harsh on their kids for health, schooling, or extra-curricular activities. Amy Chua starts off using a list of bullet points to grab the reader’s attention and lure them into reading more of the article. This works because it provides a faster “summary” of the paper, “attend a sleepover, have a playdate, be in a school play,...get any grade less than an A.” All the typical activities people do in their childhood with friends, so with her listing them it grabs the attention quickly for the readers to see what she has to say about it next. Next to these bullet…show more content…
The colored pictures stand out against the black lettered paragraphs, the word choice sets the tone of the article by using a simplicite vocabulary for the audience to relate to faster. Using the pictures it shows the emotions she put in that moment, like when she tunnels her determination when photographed with her daughter in front of her, practicing the violin. This picture shows how much she loves her daughter through being strict to get her daughter to succeed in mastering the tune. This picture strengthens Chua’s argument about the amount of love Chinese raised children get from their parents. Even though it may seem outrageously absorb the way the Chinese and Western parents show affection and care towards their children, both are just full of pros and cons that equally

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