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“Accordingly he signed the manumission that day; so that, before night, I who had been a slave in the morning, trembling at the will of another was became my own master, and completely free. I thought this was the happiest day I had ever experienced.” (Equiano, 136-37) Olaudah Equiano was an African American whom fell into slavery with many other African Americans who were all forced during the 17th and 18th century. This narrative, written by Equiano himself, gives full descriptions of every obstacles and challenges he faced throughout his lifetime as well as providing full cultural detailed information on his people. Equiano was born in 1745 in Eboe, Africa, which is now known as Nigeria. When Equiano was eleven years old him and his sister were abducted and sold to slave traders. Equiano was…show more content…
He was purchased quickly by a man, Michael Henry Pascal, whom was a lieutenant in the Royal Navy. His purchase was first intended as a gift for a dear friend in London, but decided to keep Equiano for himself. Throughout this time in his life he began learning how to read and write as well as learning about the Christian God. Equiano was becoming accustomed to the situation he was in and dreaming about freedom. His master, Pascal, soon learned about his thoughts and sold him to Captain Doran of the Charming Sally. Equiano was devastated and was then again sold to Robert King whom was extremely wealthy as well as a Quaker merchant. He traveled with King to America and the West Indies being a witness to the cruel treatments and punishments to the African people. Throughout this time period King allowed Captain Thomas Farmer to take Equiano as a sailor on his voyages, Equiano found himself; however, the two thought Equiano was planning an escape, but he soon proved his

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