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Thousands of lives have changed from the outstanding work of one man with the ability to stand up for himself; the work of George Takei. He is an inspiration and his work goes far beyond the tweets and posts backing what he believes in. Takei is a gay marriage activist. His online social media presence is heard all around the world; no matter the importance or unimportance of the post or tweet. His activism is driven by the fact he is different himself. Takei, is an openly gay American actor and activist for LGBT alliance (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender). Takei uses his social media prominence to be an icon for those of the gay community. George Takei is an american author, actor, activist and director. He is commonly known through…show more content…
His most recent being a folded up five dollar bill into the picture of pancakes, totally irrelevant. Furthermore, while Takei uses his social media sites for comedy he also uses them to show where he stands. In all of his bio’s via social media is the phrase, “equality and dignity of all human beings.” This phrase is commonly used by Takei to show what his goal is. His goal to get across to every human being that men and women are equal, despite their differences. Takei has a book called Ohh Myy!, a book that explains his path to social media prominence. Throughout this book he explains his use for all of his social media sites, and how he uses them to promote LGBT alliances. In this book he describes how is famous phrase “ohh myy George Takei” phrase was born. In the book he says “I’m heartened to see many young people today able to come out proudly, with nary a bit of drama or pain.” (Takei 27). He explains in his book how since he has become an online dominance the amount of calls and email’s sent to him have been “through the

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