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An American is someone like Equiano who has had to overcome hardship to achieve a goal. An american also consists of someone who has ever lied or manipulated someone to get something that they have wanted, just like Christopher Columbus did to the Indians. Lastly, they have come to find freedom through a hardship, like the Puritans. In the narrative of Equiano, Equiano had a overcome a hardship in which was slavery. In Letters to Columbus, Christopher Columbus had to lie to the Indians in order to get the country that he had been dreaming of his entire life. In Plymouth Plantation, the Puritans came to the United States of America for religious freedom. In An Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, Equiano is tasked with the situation of slavery. Getting kidnapped from his home and then not told where he…show more content…
As it said in the story, “The lands which here obey your highnesses are more extensive and richer than all other Christian lands” (Columbus 6). This reveals that Columbus wanted the lands but knew that it would cost him something in order to get what he wanted. Columbus knew that there was a lot of potential in the land. He knew that the Indians were asking to much out of him and decided to lie and manipulate the Indians in order to get the land. Everybody has lied before, matter of fact I lied last night. I told my brother that I wanted a piece of his Halloween candy, and I took three pieces. Sometime you gotta do what you have to do. Cigarette ads used to do it all the time and even American president candidates lie to the world when they are running for office. America has lied to the world before to, ISIS or maybe even about nine eleven. These things are for the sake of America. These statements are declaring that lying and manipulation does create an American since governments, everyday people, and even presidents lie and

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