Of Mice And Men John Steinbeck Analysis

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Written by John Steinbeck --- the author of “Of Mice and Men”, “East of Eden” was published in 1952. It is a highly-rated and award-winning novel. The story was set in California during the late 1800s. The book basically tells the story of two generations of partly similar fates. The first family had Cyrus as a father of two sons, Adam and Charles. Cyrus loved Adam more despite the fact that Charles was trying hard to get his father’s love. After Cyrus’ death, Adam and Charles came across Cathy by chance. Adam married Cathy and prepared to start a family with her. However, Cathy left her twin sons (Aron and Cal) to go become a prostitute. Again, Adam loved Aron more while Cal wished his father would love him instead. Cal decided to make money…show more content…
In a family of twins, the parents will often have a preference for one son over another. This not just happens to the fictional characters but also to real-life siblings. In the first generation covered in the novel, Cyrus showed his clear preference for Adam over Charles without discernible reason. Charles seemed to love his father more than Adam does, but he sensed the disapproval from father when his father treasured Adam’s puppy more than his knife which he saved money to buy. As I read the book, I could imagine easily the pain that Charles suffered from the paternal rejection. Nevertheless, John Steinbeck didn’t stop this kind of relationship but created another sad favouritism in the second generation. The outcomes of the 2 less-favoured sons are similar. They both took revenges and struggled to stay on the path of good. In fact, it reflects the real situation. Many people don’t have a pleasant childhood because of the unfairness of their parents. Parents tend to have bias towards the younger son and ignore the needs of love of the elder brother. The elder child grows up and turns out to be brutal and struggles to live an ordinary life. Indeed, we have often heard about brothers hurting each other and even killing their parents because of their unpleasant childhood. Of course, as the number of single-child families is increasing, these cases are less found nowadays. But parents of two kids can
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