The Moonforest: A Short Story

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“So, what’s so bad about this Moonforest?” Nathan asked, already thinking about possible horrific scenarios. “The Moonforest is a place where the towering trees create a canopy so thick, it blocks out all light, and a kind of glowing mushrooms live there and produce the same type of light as a full moon, and they are everywhere. Not many plants live there, but the ones that do, are carnivorous. Also, it's home to multiple clans of werewolves, large venomous spiders, bats large enough to eat the giant moths that are relatively the same size as humans, and owls large enough to eat the bats.” Scarlet informed Jerry, Seth, and Nathan, the color draining from their faces. As our heroes (I guess that’s what I’ll call them) ventured onward, they found…show more content…
Jerry, you go get firewood and Nathan, you help me set up camp.” Scarlet told the group. Jerry wandered into the forest looking for dead wood for a fire. Eventually, he found a fallen tree branch and some sticks. As he reached down to pick up the branch, he heard a rustling behind him. Worried, he picked up the branch and turned around. Next, everything blurred, then went black. Jerry awakens to eight big, black, eyes on an ugly face staring at him. He tries to move but he’s stuck to something. He looks back at the eight legged abomination in front of him and saw it getting ready to cocoon and eat him. Suddenly, a figure jumped out of the darkness, hit the spider over the head, stunning it, and then cut Jerry free with its… claws? What is this thing? It picked up Jerry and started running away from the spider. “Who are you?” Jerry asked. “Name’s Thrawn. I’m a werewolf and used to be a member of the Dread clan until I was banished. Who are you and what are you doing in these parts?” Thrawn replied. He’s a werewolf, currently around 6’6” with curved claws, brown fur, muscle, a pointed, constantly sniffing snout, and long upper canines that stick out of his mouth, like an…show more content…
“Fine, you want to know sooo badly. I’ll tell you! I was just a 7 years old at the time. I was a carefree young elf, and I was wandering around the castle. I went to a room I saw that always had a closed door. Inside was a shadowy figure with glowing purple eyes. I let out a small shriek, which caught its attention. It turned around, knocked over a jar of swirling energy, then a big flash of light happened, and I woke up in the infirmary with my legs bandaged and these runes carved into my body. I remember waking up again, and… the bandages were gone… and, and…” Scarlet choked up and started muttering to herself, “It’ll be easier to just show him. But he doesn’t need to see!” “It’s okay, you don’t need to tell me if you don’t want to tell me.” Jerry said, trying to console her. “I need show someone else. Somebody needs to know.” Scarlet sobbed, then pulls up her pant leg to the knee and shows Jerry her leg. It was covered in black runes, overlapping each other so that at first glance it looked like it was horribly burned. They glowed red and purple like fading embers and grew and shrunk in such a way they seemed to contort the limb. This gave it the appearance of a withered and burning piece of

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