Cabin Crew Role Responsibilities

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Scope of Research Four research questions were given to candidates to answer to test our knowledge on the topic the first question was asked for us to outline the different roles Cabin Crew may have to undertake during their work, the second question asked candidates to fully explain the responsibilities correlated to their jobs. The third question asked candidates to identify the chain in which aircraft profiles operate after answering all three questions, the last question asked candidates briefly examine and describe in details roles of ground staff that cabin crew will interact with. Research Objectives The objective of this research was to: • Find answers, critique the answers and analyze them accordingly • Understand the personal objectives…show more content…
The Airline Cabin Crew is responsible for comfort, safety and welfare of their passengers traveling on the air craft from local to international flights. Some of these roles are; • Addressing the passengers as they board and exit the plane. • Directing the passengers to their seats, and also providing them with special attention prior to the elderly or disabled. • Serving them meals and also with refreshments • Checking the rate, condition and provision of emergency equipment and regularly updating the passengers. • Demonstrating emergency equipment and how to use them, informing them on safety procedures and administering first aid when needed. • Dealing with emergencies that are at hand. • Supplying passengers with newspapers, magazines and allowing them with the joy of being entertained while traveling. • Selling duty-free commercial goods and advancing growth in sales targets. • Produce and provide a written flight reports after completing a…show more content…
To begin to describe the roles of an air cabin crew member would be endless; however it is to provide excellent customer service to passengers, at the same time ensuring their comfort and safety throughout the flight. Cabin Crew personnel’s are trained to carry out specific security measures and to deal with emergency situations which may arise at anytime during the flight. Air cabin crew aims to make the flying experience a pleasant and memorable one for the passengers. The cabin crew then has to greet the passengers as they board the aircraft, show them to their seats and ensuring that their entire luggage’s are carefully stored away in the overhead lockers. Once all the commuters are on board then the airline crew will indicate the emergency procedures while plane is preparing for departure. During the flight the crew members’ aid passengers, make calls in favor of the captain and serve food, drinks and market duty free products. If there is an emergency, cabin crews are there to ensure passengers follow the correct emergency procedures. The crew may have to deal with several different types of emergencies such as cabin fires or first aid

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