Of Mice And Men Curley's Wife Discrimination

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Crooks also suffered from a variety of prejudice and discrimination because of his race. Crooks was made to feel inferior, substandard to the other white men on the ranch, Also he didn’t really speak too anybody that often. However he was intelligent, he could read and write but none of this was recognized. He was just known as the ‘black man’ the ‘nigger’ of the ranch. He was forced to live in a barn isolated and segregated by the other men. My evidence for this is his room; he lives in a harness room (a little shed) which was described as a log box filled with straw on which his blankets were flung. When the other men, white men had bunks. They weren’t on their own and were appropriate for them to live in, to sleep in actual beds and not…show more content…
Curley's Wife was discriminated against in many parts of the novella. John Steinbeck describes Curley's Wife as being “Heavily made up” this could insinuate Curley's Wife is concealing her true identity with her makeup, she covers up the fact that she's lonely and that her life is unfulfilled by wearing a lot of makeup and practically putting on an act. Her shoes were described as being decorated with “little bouquets of red ostrich feathers”. The word “ostrich” is symbolic to Curley's Wife because an ostrich is a flightless bird, its dreams of flying is hopeless just like Curley's Wife's dream to be famous and in the “pictures”. Also Curley's wife doesn't have a name of her own, she is known by her husband’s name, this is symbolic to the way in which Curley treats his wife as a possession, a trophy wife, and Curley’s wife is never seen with Curley but always looking for him. She is always alone or with other men never with her husband, this shows where her feelings of rejection and loneliness come from, the fact that she is never with her husband. This suggests the prejudice experienced by Curley’s Wife because Curley doesn’t value his wife as a person because she is a woman, and that is also why Curley’s Wife is always craving the attention off of the other
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