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QUOTE: “If you could throw a switch and randomly kill half the population on earth, would you do it? But what if you were told that if you didn’t throw that switch right now, the human race would be extinct in the next hundred years? Would you throw it then? Would you kill half the population today in order to save our species from extinction?” –Dan Brown Greed is part of human nature. If one is to survey every individual’s mind, the results will dismiss any hope remaining for humanity. The excessive amount of greed that we had accumulated as a society, although hidden under our skins, is too hard to overlook. Our hearts are greased with desire; our eyes are blinded by gold; our mouths are always asking for more. Furthermore, these horrid symptoms had come to be so common among us that they have evolved into the definition of the human race. “We can’t help it,” we’ll say in our defence, “it’s only human nature.” Knowing that, the decision I’m about to make is easy. I wouldn’t throw that switch, nor would…show more content…
In fact, this small amount of hope is what ultimately made me decide to not throw the switch. I believe, in order for humankind to survive, we must save ourselves. This “saving” of ourselves can only happen if our human population is to remain unaffected. We must immediately advise every citizen about the rapid consumption rate of our depriving resources and alert everyone regarding the unfortunate future of extinction we are talking ourselves into. With enough implementations and awareness, change can take place. We can limit the amount of resources a person is allowed each day; we can emphasize on the research of better technology to replace our current obsolete ones; and spread the thought that every little action we take will contribute towards a brighter future in the century to come. Maybe, if everyone was on board, we can change humanity’s destiny and truly “save”

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