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Sometimes people wonder whether the individual has free will against the fate or everything is pre-determined by the gods. Life can be determined by the relationship between pre-requisites and consequences, like cause and effect. Some people believe that fate determines the destiny, irrespective of free will, whereas others believe that free will can change the fate in any pre-conditions. In the play, “Oedipus the King” by Sophocles, Oedipus grows into an adult and receives an oracle, as his biological parents do, that he will murder his father and make his mother his wife. Both Oedipus and his dad, Laius, believe the prophecy at the oracle and try to avoid the fate. Both free will and fate are related to every aspect of Oedipus the King and driven his tragedy life. Before discussing about how Oedipus believes both fate and free will, readers should know why people think his life is tragic. First tragedy of his life is that he must live his life as pre-determined by the gods, even though he does not desire the fate. In restriction of fate, Oedipus the king’s prestige, power, and happiness of family collapse at the same time. Second tragedy of his life is that he must have the…show more content…
This can be approved by that Oedipus leaves his step-parents once he knows his horrible fate, and leaves Thebes pulling out his eyeballs as self-punishment. Oedipus blames himself who cannot escape from pre-determined fate, at the same time, so he take responsibility not justifying his deeds in restricted fate, which free will cannot be involved: “Apollo, friends, Apollo – he ordained my agonies – these, my pains on pains! But the hand that struck my eyes was mine” (1470). Oedipus does not blame his fate but regrets what he has done. Despite his life became painful losing everything, Oedipus has overcome his fate and start his life again as a

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