Odysseus In Homer's The Odyssey

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Never Give Up “When the blessed gods bring sad days upon him, against his will he must suffer it with enduring spirit.” (Book 18:130). In The Odyssey, Homer details Odysseus’ arduous return to Ithaca. Ten years have passed since the battle of Troy, and Odysseus is presumed to be dead. Odysseus’ trip is delayed as a result of his various antagonists, including the God, Poseidon and the many mythical creatures he encounters along the way. The moment that Odysseus harmed Polyphemus, Poseidon’s son, the entire course of the novel was altered as an effect of Poseidon’s rage. Poseidon makes Odysseus’ journey home strenuous and challenging through the creation of horrendous storms in an attempt to wreck Odysseus’ ship. The novel states that, “The…show more content…
Odysseus suffered great circumstances due to Poseidon’s rage. When Polyphemus wished a curse upon Odysseus, he was creating a world of pain and suffering for the unsuspecting sailor. If Odysseus had made the decision early on, to not harm the son of a God, then it is highly unlikely that he would not find himself in this situation. Although, as a result of this unfortunate circumstance, Odysseus gained more perseverance and determination than he could ever have thought possible. He also gained a perspective on his situation, and discovered that he needed to inspire a new found hope within himself in order to find his way home. In the novel, Homer writes, “All the troubles you are destined to suffer in your well-wrought house; but you must, of necessity, endure all” (Book…show more content…
It is very possible that Poseidon challenged Odysseus not only to test his will and strength, but to guide him through his adherence of newly found determination, hope, and perseverance. Throughout the novel, Odysseus undergoes many hardships due to Poseidon’s everlasting rage, but from them he has adopted qualities that have benefitted him in reaching his goal. If Odysseus had never committed such an unforgivable action at the beginning of the story, he may have never been able to redefine the meaning of hope and

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