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In the story Macbeth By William Shakespeare the main character Macbeth is a tragic hero due to his tragic flaw, ambition, this flaw leads to not only Macbeth's downfall but also the deaths of several characters leading to the tragic vision of actions having consequences. The story consists of Macbeth trying to be king and getting rid of anyone he decides is in his way. This leads to the murder of the King, Banquo, and Macduff family, it is these actions that also lead to the death of Lady Macbeth. One of the first things we find out about Macbeth is that he was prophesied to be king. He believes this prophecy and decide to do whatever it takes to make it happen. This ambition of Macbeth leads him to murder the king in hopes of securing the throne once he was found to be dead. This is the first action that defines Macbeth as a tragic hero and sets up the tragedies of the story. It is this action that leads Lady Macbeth to be consumed…show more content…
Macbeth is lead to believe that even though he is king banquo's children will be the one to succeed him. This is what leads Macbeth to assassinating banquo despite them being best friends. This is the the first clear sign that macbeth has been consumed by his ambition for power by murdering someone who was once considered his closest friend. This is one of the actions that really start to tip the story into tragedy and stack the story against Macbeth. As instead of this securing the thone further Macbeth actually starts to be found suspicious by the citizens of the kingdom. especially when Macbeth sees banquos ghost at the banquet and yells at it which is when Macbeths madness and paranoia over his actions and desire for the throne start to become really apparent. Macbeth can be seen as becoming more and more corrupt with the murder of his friend potraying the way his character gets more and more tragic as the story progresses more into a

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