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The second task for the midterm is to be an observer in a session involving a therapist and a client. I discover that the chance to be the one observing without participating on the conversation which is going on, gave me the chance to review the whole scenario even clearly. I was not emotionally attached to any of the parties especially the therapist, and it is very helpful as observation on the therapist is the focus of this task. The client shares with the therapist on her concern regarding the trauma that has been haunting her since the tragedy of being mugged by two men back in 2005. She was hoping that the therapist could provide her with some useful ways to regain from the trauma. The session begin with a warm greetings by the therapist while offering for a handshake. At this point, I discover that the therapy give out a rather loose hand shake compared with the expected to be firmed and confident one. In my point of…show more content…
However, I found that she used the question “What do you feel about this?” “What is your reaction to it?” which sounded rather vague to the client. She did not specify the question into emotions, thoughts or physical which causes the look a little lost and gave out a rather similar answer. The flow of the session was better on the first half and tend to jumble up in the middle towards the end. The client shares the fear that she has whenever she rolled down her window on a red traffic light. She was anxious by the sound of motorcycles, and the fear got worse with the ‘Random Acid splash’ incident that was quite alarming in the Klang valley area. Attending to this, the therapist suddenly diverted the topic of the session into the ‘Random acid splash’ incident. After some time, the session was directed back to the main topic which is the trauma caused by the mugging incident. I found that this is affecting the flow of the session and might eventually leads to

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