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Outline UBER research Case: Introduction The Massachusetts government creates rules and regulates transportation and how companies hire the drivers. The government builds rule for ridesharing such as background checks to understand criminal drivers and limit those working with public transportation. However, some companies are not content about the news since the ridesharing companies are not sure if their drivers are not criminals or not. The ridesharing companies are worrying to lose drivers and not collecting money or to close their business. The transportation drivers that was require background checks are only taxi drivers. Since Uber started in 2009, Uber had been growing its operations and is receiving recognized by more people around…show more content…
The company uses the separate car equipment and associates with other Uber competitors through the world such as “Ola and Didi Chuxing”. Uber Challenge: challenges Uber faced includes driver decrease, prices cut, reasonable benefits and negative market promotional. Uber beats these contrary feedbacks through advanced features for example. GPS safety, cashless businesses, deduction groups, and other industrially feasible keys. The physical contests of Uber contain a diverse set of participants and the after important qualities are understandable Competition, Comparisons and Compares Uber, Taxi, Vs Lyft (13) Each ridesharing company offers lower prices and can adjust from city to city. Both companies allow the customer to know the fare charging price before they take the rides. On the other hand, Taxi does not have fare adjustments and Taxi has a flat rate price. Taxi companies have medallion licenses which are expensive before Uber came into the market. Although, Uber doesn’t need to have a medallion to operate Uber App vs. Lyft App Both company’s apps are same and aimed to connect a driver to a rider. Both apps are more advanced since it allows the customer to understand their total cost of the…show more content…
Uber provides commercial and professionals a wide collection of cars to select from. UberPool, is the low ride choice offered. Uber X, is also cheap and can pick up 4 people. Uber X, is an SUV vehicle. Uber SELECT is a luxury sedan. Uber BLACK has high-end luxury vehicles. Lyft also offers fewer car choices than Uber. Lyft Line, Lyft, Lyft Plus, Lyft Premier, all are a cheapest. Uber vs. Lyft Customer Support Both companies do not have suitable customer service. Also, Lyft is a bit more helpful in solving problems than Uber. Difference Between Uber Vs Taxi (14) The key dissimilarities regarding Taxis and Uber is that Uber uses a smartphone for requests. Although, Taxis work in traditional way and need to be ordered on internet browsers or by phone call. What is Uber? Uber rides sharing service in which customers can use their smartphone. When the customer requests a ride, Uber will send the nearest driver. Uber charges can occasionally be less than usual taxi fares. Online Fee System, Fare markdowns and offers are available can be reserved through the smartphone. Uber does not reject clients and easy to recover lost items. The driver does not have the know the city well, they use GPS such as google maps or Waze. In case of an accident, the passenger has compensation from the

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