Compare And Contrast The Character Of Kelsey In Awkward

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In Awkward by Marni Bates, the main character Mackenzie Wellesley is unique and she is an individual person although she has the character description of the stereotyped geek or nerd. She is like a rare breed but she can be compared to a girl named Kelsey Aikhionbare, a girl from Holy Names, whom might or in contrast might not be somewhat like her. Firstly, to compare, Mackenzie is tall with long legs just like Kelsey . They are both one of the tallest girls in their grade. Mackenzie is awkward especially around boys. Kelsey doesn’t not need to say that for anyone to know because she is like that. Also, Mackenzie is intelligent. She does AP classes and excelles in them. She also has a 4.0. Kelsey might not have a 4.0 but a 3.83 is as close as it gets.…show more content…
Mackenzie tutors a boy who is the most well known person in the school. Kelsey, on the other hand, goes to an all girls school and tutoring a boy does not seem possible. Also, Mackenzie leaves with her divorced mother unlike Kelsey who leaves with her married mother and father although her real father was never married to her mother. Also, to compare again, Mackenzie is easily annoyed by what people say about her. In the book, she gets angry when the magazines and the newspapers say she is boy-crazy. Just like Kelsey she also gets annoyed when people call her fat or proud. She has a mean brother who is always mad at her when she does anything that he considers annoying.Also just like Kelsey but she has a sister. Mackenzie does not like to admit it when she is wrong. In the book,when Logan tells her it she is the one that made all those choices and no one else, she argues. Also like Kelsey when she winning an

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