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In this essay, I am considering which of the two characters, Odysseus or Achilles, would be most suitable to accompany my little brother safely to his destination. There are many reasons for which I chose Odysseus to escort my little brother on his quest. He makes very wise decisions and is kind to other people and animals. He is also very strategic and is just to others. Odysseus has a strong, fatherly love for children, as he has a child of his own. He is also very loyal to his family and to the gods. His steadfastness is a noted characteristic. In the rest of my essay, I shall defend my choice of Odysseus as a guide for my little brother on his dangerous quest . Odysseus has a strong, fatherly love and is very loyal to his family and to the gods. He has a son of his own to love and care for (Bk. 1:396,418), so he will be capable of caring for my young, five year old brother. He will also have the strength to protect and defend my little brother. Odysseus is very loyal and faithful to the gods through his obedience and constant prayers (Bk. 12: 324-328). He had shown loyalty to his wife when he persevered in getting home…show more content…
He has the ability to get himself and his men out of hard situations. For instance, when he and his men were trapped in the Cyclops' cave, they escaped by first blinding the Cyclops and then riding on the underside of the sheep so the Cyclops would not feel them escaping (Bk. 9: 433-441; 478-486; 491-494). From this incident, he will be able to protect my little brother if they are attacked by robbers. Because he spared the life of Circe, even after she turned his men into swine, he displayed his respect for the dignity of a person (Bk. 10: 357-360). He would only punish or kill someone in justice if they really, truly deserved it, but he also showed mercy. Odysseus' sense of justice and wit are indeed very important characters I seek in a
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