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Symbols play an intricate role in any religion. The Star of David, in Judaism, has a lot of meaning, as well as impact on the Jewish religion. People always affiliate the Star of David with Judaism. For example, the Israeli flag depicts the Star of David in the center. Moreover, the Star of David functions as a symbol that provokes people to respond in a multitude of ways (Geertz). Although people utilize the Star of David in a positive way, there have been times throughout the course of history in which the Star of David has been in a negative context. During the Holocaust, Nazis utilized the Star of David as a way of identifying the Jews within Germany, and surrounding countries. The use of the Star of David over the course of history has truly impacted the way Judaism functions; however, Judaism still persists. The Star of David represents a persisting religion, even though of it’s…show more content…
For example, when people go out to a store around the time of: Hanukah, Rosh Hashannah, Yom Kippor (Corrigan, 165), the store utilize the Star of David on most of their Jewish related products, such as, cards and decorations. The Star of David consists of two triangles: one triangle that points downward, and one triangle that points upward, forming six points. Hence, forming the star shape figure. Many Jewish items depict the Star of David, which ultimately impact the way they function and live their lives (Geertz). Moreover, the Star of David demonstrates “world-view” (Geertz), in which people understand what the Star of David represents, without having to ask or look up the significance. According to the Jewish Virtual Library, the Star of David, in Hebrew, is “Magen David” (Jewish Virtual Library, “Judaism-The Star of David- Magen David). Furthermore, the Star of David, in reality, has no religious significance to Judaism. However, over the course of time the symbol has become the most identifiable symbol for the

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