Annotated Bibliography: Before Lewis And Clark

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Sarah Henry Annotated Bibliography November 21, 2015 World history Moellmer Mockford, Jim. “Before Lewis and Clark, Lt. Broughton’s River of name: the Columbia River exploration of 1792.” Oregon historical quarterly, 106.4. p542. 2005. Summary: Brugar, Kristy. “Lewis & Clark: an interdisciplinary expedition.” Social education, 68.1. pM3. 2004. This article follows the adventures of a certain class of sixth graders as they experience the Lewis and Clark expedition. It all starts when the students gather their materials, such as journals, to map their journey, and to write down their thoughts about the newly explored area. They could also bring binoculars, instructions on where to explore, and other important materials. The teachers act…show more content…
“The Columbia Country and the dissolution of Meriwether Lewis: speculation and interpretation.” Oregon historical quarterly, 106.1. p7. 2005. This article breaks down the facts that could have led to Lewis’s supposed suicide. The article explains what could have been the cause for this incident. It could have been his slight anger problem, or the fact that he drank often, and was even said to do drugs. While on the expedition, he showed violence to those around him. Especially to the Native Americans, that Lewis and Clark met along the journey. Lewis beat, and hit a Native American at one of their camp locations, simply because the Indian tried to retrieve an object of the Americans. He even went on Indians burial grounds, which is a very sacred place for them. When he did the Native Americans took great offense to it, and didn’t view him the same. It was also said that he took it very seriously when people “teased” him, so much to the extent of revolting back with anger. Possibly even throwing large, or live objects at the person. Towards the end of the expedition many of Lewis’s companions had seen a drastic change in his behavior throughout the adventure. And even wrote about it in their journals. Many people believe that throughout his journeys, he saw, or experienced something. Some believed this event flipped his personality from kind, to irritated. Some also think that because of this event he committed suicide, but of course there isn’t any real proof that he experienced anything, or that he even committed suicide, some people think that Lewis was murdered because of his angered personality throughout the

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