No Country For Old Men Analysis

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In today’s generation, people have become more violent without having a purpose. And as society grows larger, the decline of proper justice is becoming harder to achieve. Cormac McCarthy’s latest novel, “No Country for Old Men”, portrays evilness, specifically the weakening of justice in human existence to an extent where a person can kill whoever gets on his way. McCarthy intentionally depicts Sheriff Bell to partake in the crime scene as the character who seeks for proper justice and illustrates the existence of justice with the help of a human authority. The first chapter of the novel starts off chaotically. Llwelyn Moss who is already out in the desert, the same nearby place where the exchange of drugs and money happens. He sees a man asking for water and finds out the case full of money. He then takes off with the money which later become the root of all his tragedies. Moss is just the welder…show more content…
The first dream is when his father gives him money, and he loses it, but he cannot remember how, is a reflection to his job. People including Carla Jean, gives her trust to him of Moss’s location but end up losing it. It is to bring him back home safe, but is already caught in the hands of Chigurh. For the sake of repaying what had happen in the past where he left his men(WWII) in the line of death while he thought of saving himself first, he feels that by serving other people through this field of being a sheriff he can repay and not feel burden to what had happen. To him, the past is haunting him to get justice that was never given to his men before. He feels useless as a friend and do as much as he can to help get out of danger. He wants to be the man and live up his life as being a sheriff. Chigurh have taken lives from a lot of innocent people, but justice that are right for them are also gone. Where in the first place, they shouldn’t have been part in the crime

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