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The Oath of the Horatii painted by Jacques Louis David in Rome represents all the elements of the style of Neo-Classicism. It is completed in 1784 as oil on canvas. This painting is not only one of the hallmark paintings of the style of Neo-Calssicism and Davis’s well-known pieces, but also possesses the time significance for the Art history of France. The theme of the painting is to advocate heroism and fortitude, and that personal feelings should be subordinated to the national interest. An analysis of the painting’s formal elements, principles of composition, and subject matter will illustrate why ‘Oath of the Horatii’ represents the defining characteristics of the Neo- Classical period. The moment David captured is when the aged…show more content…
The painting is well balanced as the old Horatius is in the center and other characters are dividually on both sides. The posture and motion of the men are painted consisting of horizontal and vertical lines, which created stable and powerful visual impact. And the women are painted in curve lines, which nicely represents their sentiment and tolerant. The combination of straight lines and curves lines embodies the balance of the painting further. Also, in the background, the horizontal lines of the marble floor and the strong vertical lines of the Doric columns are in distinct contrast. David chose the cylindrical Rome hall to be the place where the story took place, which adds to the painting solemn and sacred atmosphere. Furthermore, the choice of the color in this painting is also well balanced. The bright red of the cloak of old Horatius draws the viewer’s attention to the center. The brothers wear clothing of red, white, and blue as they prepare to patriotically and passionately fight for the glory of Rome. The scene is closed off from the rest of the world by the deep shadowy recesses among the columns. The background is shaded while

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