Nike Advertising Campaign Analysis

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Today we live in a society that is ruled by mass media, it has gotten to the point as to where we are bombarded with ads every day. Whether it’s TV, magazines, billboards… they are everywhere shaping and influencing society in more ways than one. Each competing to be bigger and brighter in order to instill that their product is best on the market. These advertisements are only benefiting and bettering society by calling importance to issues, expressing rights to free speech, each one motivating companies to compete and produce new products. In 2009 Nike created a women vs men challenge that illustrated men and women all over competing against each other in order to help one gender generate more miles that the other, thus having one come out…show more content…
Music is able to reinforce sales, spark action; it even aligns and brings a brand all together. Each one of these elements that music brings helped Nikes ad campaign. Run [I’m a natural disaster] by Gnarle Barkley was the perfect fit for this campaign because of the way the song is able to mesh with their brand. The fact that the song is based off of running perfectly fits with their campaign because that’s what Nike is all about, not only that but because their commercial Is focused on the longest rivalry known to man racing to the finish line. This song repeatedly mentions the word run which starts to engrain the idea of running and the message of the campaign into the viewers minds. In order to allow the music to help influence the message of the campaign the music has to flow with the message that it brings, which is why Run [I’m a natural disaster] flows perfectly. Music also tends to spark action that the national anthem for example, this anthem for the United States unites people and gets everyone stand up together. Like established before music is able to evoke emotions and inspire; songs have this ability to motivate someone to do better, or even motivates a plethora of people to stand up as one. This is why Nike used that song by Barkley to propel their message to their audience, with Nikes intention of selling something, and the inspirational music included, people are captivated and will more than likely begin to talk about the brand; and even go out and buy their products. Since the bass and beat of the song is so loud, and uplifting it helps the audience get this sense and feel of adrenaline and excitement. By doing so the viewers begin to become more drawn to the commercial starting to feel as completive as the runners watching their fellow sex compete; desperately wanted that person to

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