Examples Of Forgiveness Essay

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It was another boring day in 2nd grade, except I had a test tomorrow! I, being the lazy bum I am, didn’t study, and as expected, I got a D! That test was a reading test. It was pretty hard, and the worst part is that, I, with my lazy antics, didn’t study! My parents are a perfect example of forgiveness, because as I told them about my poor grade on the test, I knew I felt bad and could’ve done more to prepare. They forgave me, as we moved on from the incident, but I didn’t necessarily get a second chance because I still faced the consequences and fortunately, I learned my lesson. Subsequently, forgiveness is a tricky word, a tricky word that is used way too often. A word that has a strong meaning that many people underestimate. To me, forgiveness is the act of forgetting someone’s wrongdoing and moving on from there. Forgiveness only means forgetting and moving on, and nothing else. A simple example of forgiveness would be if you stole something and you feel bad and sorry about it, and the person that you stole from forgives you for your action. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize this, but forgiveness is NOT the same as a second chance. A second chance means you get off without consequences.…show more content…
Her town was bombed by American soldiers who mistaken her and her friends and family as Viet Cong, a communist army fighting in South Vietnam. The American soldiers initiated napalm attacks that killed and wounded many of her friends and family. The scars will haunt the victims for a long time to come; however, not with Kim Phuc. She forgave the man who planned the napalm attacks and even found the KIM Foundation International, an organization devoted to “Healing the Children of
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