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New York is one of the cities in the world with greatest influence on setting international fashion trends. Currently, the city is ranked in the second position globally behind Paris. The city is known to design, produce, and retail fashion products in all other parts of the globe in large scale (Rantisi 587). It also organizes fashion awards, fashion weeks, and trade fairs annually to show its contribution to the global fashion market. The rise of New York fashion city has come as a result of many factors such as presence of talented fashion designers, fashion schools, media and press, bloggers, geographical area, history, consumption among others. This study will analyze New York as a fashion city, some of the factors that have contributed…show more content…
Anorld scaasi was a fashion designer born in Canada, but created a unique contribution to the fashion culture in New York. His fashion city was characterized with lavish, opulence, and moneyed confidence, especially for evening wears. The designer came and settled in New York City in 1952, where he worked under Charles James. He established his design house in 1957 and after a short time he began to develop his signature style. The main features of the style were vivid color appetite and theatrical eveningwear. He designed colored evening pyjamas that became popular in 1980s, and portrayed his bold creation in the fashion industry. For example, Scaasi designed slimsilhoutted clothes whose color, texture and fabrics were focal point in 1994. He made pyjamas from purple and turdquoise silk and covered them with transparent sequins after applying parakeet design. His unique designs won the heart of many celebrities ,who used Scassi`s designs as their eveningwear while attending gala events in New York and beyond. These celebrities included the socialite Blaine Trump, the philanthropist Brooke Astor, the actress Mary Tyler Moore among others. He was also famous with glamorous eveningwear, tailored suits, and cocktail dresses (Breward and Gilbert 84). His dresses were trimmed with fur, feathers, fine embroidery, or sequins. One of the reasons why I…show more content…
It has unmatched fashion assets such as creative talents, fashion and design schools, retail spaces in high traffic streets, world-class production companies among others (Dolkart 14). These factors make the city a hub of fashion designers, manufacturers, buyers, and fashion enthusiasts. Secondly, its fashion designs illustrate the impractical and immoderate side of New York City, especially eveningwear. It portrays a city where dressing and undressing is not complex, despite other great and busy things normally associated with New York. Finally, New York City was chosen because of its unique role in influencing not only the US culture, but also the global culture. The city is large and inhibited by people from diverse ethnic backgrounds. Most of the cultural movements have emerged from the city and then spread to other parts of America and the world at large (Struble 122). For example, hip hop, jazz and expressionism among other movements. It has played a major role in shaping global culture through music, visual art, film, dance, literature, sports among other

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