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The Fashion Designer I chose to write about is Vera Wang. Her full name is Vera Ellen Wang. She is a classy woman and to me has terrific talent. Vera Wang was born on June twenty-seventh 1949. She was born in t New York City, New York. Wang was a daughter of two Chinese immigrants. She is sixty-six years old now. Wang’s childhood was showered with luxury. She grew up on the upper east side of Manhattan. Vera attended the elite Chapin School. This school was private which meant you had to pay. It was made for the best of the best. So I guess you could say she started herself off right at a young age. After high school she then was lucky enough to attend Sarah Lawrence College and go study in Paris. This college was located in Bronxville, New York.…show more content…
This is the turning point for Vera after all these years. She began to become very frustrated because she could not find a wedding dress to fit her needs. Wang had then sketched out her very own and had it tailored and made just for her for ten thousand dollars. A year later her father lent her money to open up a bridal boutique located in the upscale Carlyle Hotel on Madison Ave, New York. It was named the “Vera Wang Bridal House.” Vera was the face of many famous women’s weddings. Years past and she finally launched her very own designer bridal line. Vera did a magnificent job in getting her name out to the public. In fact she went worldwide after designing a dress in 1994 when she designed a beaded dress for a figure skater named Nancy Kerrigan. She also has a line of evening attire. Wang has done a splendid job of displaying elegance while still keeping current with up-to-date fashion. Her designs are worn to numerous occasions especially in Hollywood. Famous women such as Halle Berry, Meg Ryan, and Goldie Hawn have worn her. In 2006, Vera made a deal with Kohl’s. It basically was a line of clothing for the common people named “Simply

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