Charlie Kaufman Adaptation Essay

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Intentionally writing to push the envelope is risky. What if your audience does not appreciate such ambitions? What if in attempting to try something unique one only perpetuates the need for established genres and frameworks? These are questions that need to be considered whenever a writer tries to explore, through their writing, uncharted territory. Charlie Kaufman, in his screenplay Adaptation, successfully challenges established boundaries of genre. Adaptation assimilates highbrow “academic” culture with lowbrow “popular culture.” Kaufman’s use of postmodern literary techniques—some of which include: crossing of genres, self-reflection, fragmentation, playfulness, non-linear writing, and intertextuality—have left…show more content…
Yet, even though the ordinary viewer may notice the use of innovative writing techniques, being able to define and describe those techniques is anther story. So why would Kaufman and Jonze make a film to be seen in a popular market that employs such avant-garde techniques? Furthermore, what are the boundaries that Kaufman and director Spike Jonze crossed in Adaptation in order to have the impact on audiences that they wanted? Why am I using an idiom? Is that good writing? I’m cold. Maybe if I just said that good writers are always looking to challenge established modes of writing. Maybe that would sound better? Am I making any sense? I should shut the window. Listen. I think I’m doing something right now. I need to pay close attention this time. I should take notes. I always think I’ll remember everything I want in my paper. It never fails; I take sloppy notes and can’t read my own writing. Twenty-three and already my memory is going. Nicolas Cage just started talking. He’s talking too fast. I should pause it. Why is everyone using voiceovers now? A black screen. Nic, I’ll call him Nic,

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