Space Exploration Persuasive Essay

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Ethan Lowrance Mr. Bergmann Senior English P1 28 August 2015 Space Exploration Thirty billion dollars was the total money invested in the Apollo missions, according to but what was gained from that, is it worth resuming space exploration? There were many benefits from the Apollo missions which still can happen today. There were several technology benefits from the space missions. Starting a new space exploration project will create jobs as well as inspire people all over the world. Although the money can be used for other things like exploring the ocean, Space exploration should be funded more due to its benefits. Like the technological gains. Technology is one of many perks from space exploration. While we invent new technology…show more content…
Most of these jobs created will be STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) jobs. This will require more people to go into the fields of mathematics, engineering and physics. Also construction jobs are created for building the space equipment needed. There will be several other jobs created as well. Space exploration creates jobs, but it also inspires people. Inspiration of future scientists will happen with space exploration. Fifty percent of internationally renowned scientists were inspired by the Apollo missions (Benefits stemming from space exploration page 9). Also, eighty nine percent of respondents agree that spaceflights inspire children (Benefits stemming from space exploration page 9). So when space exploration increases, it will help inspire not only kids, but teenagers and young adults will also be interested in pursuing a STEM career or to become an astronaut. As space exploration happens the benefits are numerous. Therefore space exploration needs to be funded more due to the technological benefits. The fact that it creates jobs and inspires the next generation of scientists. There are still many benefits to space exploration other than technology, job creation, and inspiration. So in conclusion space exploration needs to be funded more due to the benefits that will happen when humanity travels deeper into the

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