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Like most teenagers, Jem goes through the process of growing up physically and emotionally. In the novel To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee he goes through mental and physical changes. He is forced out of the cover of his innocence and into the cold world of reality. He matures throughout the world by finding out about true bravery, learning about the cruel world, and following his father's footsteps and being more responsible and reasonable. During the book Jem matures after he understands what true bravery is. In the beginning of the book he feels as though a petty bet such as being dared to touch the Radley’s house is true bravery(18). As the story progresses he starts to learn about bravery at its best. While he was reading to Mrs. Dubose, she was fighting an addiction against morphine. She was constantly in pain and…show more content…
While walking to and from school Jem and Scout had to walk through the Radley’s place. Sometimes they would find treats in a tree with a hole in it from a mysterious stranger (later they find out that they were from Boo, Arthur Radley) after a few weeks of this the 2 children see Mr.Nathan, Boo’s brother, filling the hole in. When asking him he lies and says the tree is sick when in reality he wants to keep Boo from interacting with others. Another time he witnesses the cruelty of humans is when Tom Robinson is charged guilty. During the trial Atticus did everything in his power to prove Tom Robinson is innocent and Jem knows that . He even says “We’ve got him” this shows how much Jem believed in his father. When the verdict was out and Tom Robinson was said to be guilty he was devastated. Even when Scout tries to bring up the trial a few weeks later Jem didn’t want to hear about it. Being at his tender age he saw the good in the world and only “true” evil, but after the events that he witnessed he soon realized that the prejudices of the world can usually cover up the

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