New Puritan Beliefs

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The Puritans believed that a person who lived without sin and could accomplish good, can only do so by being discipline and by having faith in the values that they live by. There are certain groups and movements that promote the New Puritanism. One of the main groups and movements that promote New Puritanism are religious groups. The groups’ attitude toward sex is known to be dirty and evil and a sin that is often looked down upon, especially if women are the ones committing the sin. Even talking about sex is forbidden. During the Puritan society, they used the Church to fear people so that they could control them to follow the law that they had. According to Orlando Patterson the author of the book The New Puritanism, Patterson explains that, “the majority of American teenagers are sexually active and the consequences of unprotected sex catastrophic, fundamentalism forbids any form of sex education, condemns the distribution of…show more content…
People who have committed these sins, would not expect any help or benefits from the Puritans because it goes against the values that they believe in. Many religious groups believe that people should be pure and only those that are pure can accept help from God and or people that provide help to people. The Puritans in the 17th century believed in a spirit of moral and religion that formed their whole way of life, and through the church reform to make their lifestyles the pattern for the whole nation. According to Alan Heimert and Andrew Delbanco the writers of the book, The Puritans in America, “Puritans were portrayed by their enemies as hairsplitters who slavishly followed their Bibles as guides to daily life; or they were caricatured as licentious hypocrites who adopted a grave aspect but cheated the very neighbors whom they judged inadequate
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