Summary Of The Great Migration Of Puritans

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“The only thing more dangerous than an idea is a belief” (Vowell 1). An idea is something that can be persuaded to change. However, a belief is something that a person lives by. Beliefs have the power to create a movement, such as the Great Awakening or the Civil War. Sarah Vowell in Wordy Shipmates discusses the Great Migration of Puritans to America. In England, the Puritans had to work with people who opposed their views and this pushed the Puritans to move to another country. The Puritans came to America due to their beliefs and urge to recreate the Church of England. They came to America thinking that they were chosen specifically to help the new world. Therefore, the Puritans had a motive to work together to make the colony thrive. Vowell…show more content…
The Puritans came to this country believing that they were “given” the land. Upon their send off the America, John Cotton, the most beloved Puritan minister in England, gave a speech to the Puritans telling them that they were chosen by God. This gave the Puritans hope and strength. The Puritans arrived in America hoping to make a change and please God. Governor John Winthrop proclaimed New England "a city upon a hill” (58). The Puritans lived by the Fifth Commandment that requires them to obey the parental authority of the king and church. John Winthrop saw himself as the father of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Because of their beliefs the Puritans bonded together and achieved greatness. The Puritans worked together, rejoiced together, and mourned together. Vowell showed great respect for the Puritans way of life. Now America lives by the policy “one man for himself”. Competition is everywhere in the United States from businesses to schools. Vowell believes that American history does not give enough credit to the New England Puritans, so she exaggerates how their lives were and their achievements. This is especially prominent when she talks about John Winthrop. Vowell talks about how great a leader John Winthrop is, but barely shows his flaws. The AP theme explored is Identity. The Puritans created the base structure of American life. They created their own way of

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