Never Let Me Go Identity

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Throughout every young teens life they encounter a many forms of identity and its up to them to choose which one they want to be like. Social doesn't influence people to become something but more of the fact of the people choosing to what seems appealing to them and copy on what they see. The novel Never let me go shows many examples when the characters face decisions to choose how they want to become and to create their individual identity by doing things that separate themselves from others. In the novel, when Kathy, Ruth and Tommy get moved to the cottages they notice something that the veterans act a certain way by what they see based on television. While being in the cottages Kathy states “There was, incidentally, something I noticed…show more content…
By this is can say that for some people that look towards media as a way of forming who they are, it can have a misleading perception of how reality actually is. If they see that someone or something seems popular in the eyes of the media then they seem to do the same or look the same which can have a negative effect of what actually reality is and can lead them to feel a loss of identity. As an example the constant persuasion of what it shown as reality can play a role in young girl's development of negative self-image. Many girls are taught, through stereotypical portrayal. By this girls can have trouble forming who they by having all this misleading of what actually reality is based on the media's portrayal of it. Worsham states "In essence, media is conveying what we should buy, who we should be, or who we should become, in order to be "happy"(Worsham 1). This is an example on how exactly the media can play a role by showing us many different things that can supposedly make us happy and are appealing to different people. There is so much different things that the media shows but everyone is different and different things will catch some of their attentions but not all. It's all just based on what you see is appealing to you and that you try to imitate to help you become that person that you feel that you are
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