Atticus Finch Monologue

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As we pulled our cars up to the jail, the first thing I saw was the light. It ran from a second story window right down to where Atticus sat reading his newspaper. Of course, he was reading a newspaper. That man was always calm and collected, never worried. I expected Atticus to be here. Mr. Finch wouldn’t want his precious nigger to get hurt, but some lawyer wasn’t going to stop my group of country folks from getting what we wanted. We stepped out of our cars, and Atticus looked up expecting us. For a spilt second I thought I saw a streak of clothing over by the Jitney Jungle, but I figured the anticipation of the upcoming event was getting to me. “He in there, Mr. Finch?” asked one of my partners I thought it seemed like an obvious question. Officials had…show more content…
Finch confirmed Tom was asleep in the jail but warned us not to wake him. Please we could care less if the man slept or not. We all wanted Tom Robinson dead. “Get aside from the door, Mr. Finch.” I said. I waited long enough and wanted to get the job done without having to hurt an innocent man. Tom raped Mayella not Atticus. But Mr. Finch defied my strong yet pitiful gang of farmers and tried to threaten me with the sheriff, but I knew better. Heck Tate was out deep in the woods, and we had sent him there. We pulled out all the cards on this mission. I actually formulated the plan to feed Tate a story about hearing screams in the timber by my house. A murder certainly caught his attention. I informed Atticus that I knew the sheriff would break up our party just as something tiny broke into the middle of my posse. Really? Was getting to Tom Robinson in a timely manner to much to ask? “Hey Atticus!” said who I believed to be Mr. Finch’s daughter. Fear shot through Atticus's’ eyes as two other boys squirmed to the center of the circle. Ha we had him. Mr. Finch would definitely hand over Tom if his kids were to be sacrificed in his place. “Go home Jem. Take Scout and Dill with you.” Atticus said to his son.
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