Lord Of The Flies Identity Analysis

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A change, switch or mistake in identity can happen because the experiences that someone can unwilling go through or purposely put themselves in, can leave a brand new point of view with each person. This can change a person’s behavior or personality, which makes up the identity. In Lord of the Flies, many young boys on a plane crash onto an island without any adults. Stereotypes would tell that British school boys are proper and well behaved. This is what they used to be before the fear set in. Upon coming onto the island they created a system of order. Finding a leader, getting a source of food, and a way to get off the island. Yet being isolated on the island with the ability to do whatever they want, they start to break the rules. Jack…show more content…
They all had stabbed many times with their spears during their bonfire, they believed the tiny boy was the Beast. He screamed yet the boys never woke up to reality and stopped their attack. Finally, “Simon's dead body moved out towards open sea.” and his murder was swept away. Then Piggy, the sensible figure, was hit with a giant rock that Roger pushed off a higher cliff. Which sent him off the edge and forty feet below and landed with, “his head open and stuff had come out and it turned red.” Ralph’s right hand man was gone now, and that left him vulnerable to Jack’s manhunt. Jack, “Viciously, with full intention, hurled his spear at Ralph. He tore his skin and flesh over Ralph’s ribs.” Jack understood what was currently happening before him. Yet he still saw no problem with attacking Ralph and screaming at him that he didn't have anyone left. This proves that they have undergone a switch in their identity, they definitely would've acted like this at home. During the Twelfth Night movie edition, the twins first appeared on a boat performing their comedy act. We discover that one is Viola. The another is her brother, Sebastian. Soon enough after the start they have fallen…show more content…
This can change a person’s behavior or personality, which makes up the identity. To further explain, each character has lived through experience that they never thought they would. The boys from Lord of the Flies have landed on an island where they have committed murder. This experience definitely gives a new point of view. When they did get saved and they got to back home, they will always have these moments in their mind. They will remember what happened on that island and this will definitely switch their lifestyle. In Twelfth Night, the outcome is less negative and more positive. Because Sebastian may have gotten in a fight, but he did win it. And he got beautiful wife. Viola got melodramatic husband that she loves. So being mistaken for each other may be annoying but thanks to that mistake, they got to live happily. For as long their marriages will last. Lastly, in Everyday, it's saddening to know that A has gotten a few 16 year old kids in trouble for a girl. That they knew they could never be with for longer than a day at a time. This resulted in them gaining the beliefs that they could potentially have a life of their own. In a body they could have for longer than a day. It is horrible to think that for A to learn how to stay in the body for longer they will be taking the

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