Identity In Eillison's The Invisible Man

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The text I am choosing to do my narrative on is "The Invisible Man" by Eillison. "I am invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me. (Porologue 1)". I like this quote because in the beginning of the story Ellison starts off calling himself the "The Invisible Man" why? because he felt invisible to society and which is not a physical condition it's mental. This story contains many things about race and your identity in America. It is a refusal of how others see and react to him. By him being invisible he is hiding from the world so he writes about his life of being invisible. The author struggles with his identity with being an African American male also known as being a "black male" to some people. He finds out that he have…show more content…
I read this story more than one time and I though the author did really good on this. The first time I read it, it became very interesting and made me want to read it again. The second time I fell in love with it especially by having the topic white privilege as the topic of conversation in class. One reason why I choose this text was because as I was reading it I caught my attention and made me want to read more. As I was reading the Invisible Man it was very interesting to me because sometimes many or majority of "black" people in today's world feel very neglected and invisible, with this being said it related to the story so much. This story can relate to so many people that do feel invisible because of their race. In today's world it made me relate to "black" kids and adults especially "black" men that think their lives are invisible and it makes me ask the question why? Why do "black people feel that way? As a African American or "black" Girl being in a race were its is always judged and people making it seem like your race is bad or not worth it makes you feel invisible. So this story answer those two questions for me very

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