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Speech Evaluation Regina Glover’s persuasive speech was titled “The Reality of Supernatural Phenomenon”. The content of her speech was an introduction, facts about the Sasquatch, the facts about spirits, arguments against supernatural phenomenon, and a conclusion. The speech and the presentation was well developed. It was evident that Regina did research to provide factual evidence for her audience, and that she had spent time planning it. Her presentation aid was neat; she did not use too many words on each slide and she used graphics to convey the facts in her speech. She presented clear and concise points in her speech when she spoke about the Sasquatch and the skeptical arguments, but her points could have been clearer when she relayed the facts about spirits. She told a historical story which is great, but could have laced in some basic facts about spirits.…show more content…
For example, Regina had a short quote in her conclusion “more than meets the eye and the possibilities are endless”. This quote will be remembered by the audience and will create a mysterious mood and tone in her speech. She also used figurative language in her introduction, to create this same mood and tone at the beginning of her speech. Her speech did not convey a need or solution; she mainly aimed for the audience to share her beliefs and did not tell them why they should believe her case. But despite this fact, she used language, information, media evidence of the specimen she talked about in speech, and a presentation aid to appeal her audience visually and emotionally. Regina’s case was convincing, especially since she used the Sierra Sounds media to prove the reality of the Sasquatch, but it would have been more factual if she had mentioned her sources as she was

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