Netflix Vs Redbox Comparison Essay

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Entertainment Battle Watching movies has always been a favorite pass time of many Americans. Over time the way Americans have gotten their movies have changed. With expensive movie theaters becoming less popular, and movie rental stores going out of business, customers are looking for cheap alternatives. Companies like Netflix and Redbox are becoming increasingly popular. These movie rental companies have become engaged in an entertainment battle for consumer dollars. While Netflix and Redbox are similar in the services they offer, they are different in terms of, selection, prices, convenience. Both Netflix and Redbox allow customers to rent movies. They offer a cheap alternative to going out to the movie theaters. They give customers the…show more content…
Netflix offers a streaming service, along with its DVD and Blu-Ray rental service. Netflix mails DVD and Blu-Ray movies to the customer’s home. Netflix has a vast selection of entertainment, they offer the largest streaming and DVD library. Their selections range from classic titles to new releases. Furthermore, Netflix offers documentaries, TV shows, and movies. Netflix also produces award winning original series and movies. Netflix offers a subscription at a monthly rate. Customers pay the monthly rate and receive unlimited rentals, with no late fees. DVD rental plans start at $7.99 a month. Blu-Ray renal plans start at $9.99 a month. Streaming plans start at $7.99 a month. While it seems like Netflix has the upper-hand Redbox has a few advantages of its own. Redbox get new releases sooner than Netflix. Redbox also offers video game rentals. However Redbox does not offer a streaming service. Redbox is faster, because customers do not have to wait for the movie or video game to be delivered via the mail. Redbox rents movies out of automated kiosks outside of grocery stores and pharmacies. Redbox can be cheaper depending on how many titles a person rents a month. Redbox offers DVD rentals for $1.50 per day, Blue-Rays for $2.00 per day, and video games for $3.00 per

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