Post Traumatic Stress In Tim O Brien's The Things They Carried

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War, what is it useful for? Definitely not anything. Sounds like it could be song, but all joking aside the aftermath of war has very few positive outcomes. Many soldiers who return home after fighting suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, or more commonly known as P.T.S.D. Post-traumatic stress disorder is caused by witnessing or being apart of an event that caused physical harm or physical harm was threatened. A soldier in war has to deal with events like that almost daily. While the fighting in war causes physical harm to the body, it is often overlooked the physiological impact that war has on the mind. The experience of war, as shown through the book the The Things They Carried, an interview with Lee Stacey, and the television show The Wonder Years, makes it difficult for a soldier to adjust back to a normal society. Tim O’Brien is an author and a veteran of vietnam. In his book The Things They Carried he tells many stories of the war. Some of the stories are true; some are made up, but every story told has purpose behind it. In the chapter notes Tim discusses the reason for writing the previous chapter speaking of courage. In this chapter he…show more content…
It is a relatable series because many of the shows plots revolve around memorable events in a person's life such as first kiss, first day of highschool, and graduation. To begin the final season Kevin’s brother Wayne has a friend named Wart return home Vietnam. Kevin, Wayne, and Wart all go to the high school football game one Friday night. At the game someone yells at Wart and calls him a murderer. Wart then goes to the baseball field where Kevin and Wayne find him wearing only his underwear. Wayne goes up to wart and says to him, “Hey man, looks like you lost your clothes”. To which Wart replies, “I know...nothing seems to fit anymore.” (Brush 1992) Wart was coming back to a town that

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