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Lexie Williams The Paleolithic era also known as the old stone age, could be described as groups of nomads constantly traveling, nomads are groups of people who move from place to place in order to find food. . During this time, humans invented the first stone tools and they began using hunting and gathering as their main source to get food. Also during the Paleolithic time social classes and politics were non existent. Also humans did not settle in one specific area in fear of food running out. After the Paleolithic era, the Neolithic era emerged, during this time humans explored new inventions and new social classes, economics, governments and they began to settle in one area. Overall the Neolithic revolution caused major change…show more content…
Agriculture helped humans during the Neolithic era because it allowed them rely less on hunting and gathering, because both hunting and gathering were very unpredictable. It also led to the first use of domesticated animals and irrigation, irrigation is a way to move water from one place to another in order to grow crops. The invention of agriculture has helped to shape the world today, because many humans still use it as their food source. Writing systems were also invented during the Neolithic era. For example, Cuneiform was invented in Mesopotamia and it was the first written language, cuneiform could be described as wedged shaped patterns in wet clay. Also the code of Hammurabi was the first written code of law. Using written languages humans can learn about their past and humans can also use these written languages as a basis for the ones to come. Lastly another effect of the Neolithic revolution was trade. Trade allowed early humans to exchange their goods for goods someone else might have because they want or need it. This allowed a basis for economic systems which we still use today. Overall the Neolithic era helped to shape culture and the early human’s ways of life, and they provided as an example for humans…show more content…
Also during this time social classes were being determined, based on how much power, wealth or what a person’s profession was, it determined one’s social placement. During this time civilizations were becoming organized and well-rounded. For example instead of everyone working on the same job, people would use what they could do and everyone had a specific part in society. This led to trade among the civilians, which led to the use of economics. Also during this time, government was taking action. This is called bureaucracy, and it is a form of government set up in hierarchical layers to help society function. For example if one civilian acted out, their social status would determine their punishment, this could be described as the code of Hammurabi. Also writing played a role in government, because every civilization needed laws, and a way to keep track of them. Two civilizations that used these techniques and invented their own also emerged from the Neolithic era were Mesopotamia and the Indus river

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