Comparison: Judaism Vs. The Hebrew Bible

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There are over four thousand religions in the world. With there being so many different religions in the world, many would think that there are many similarities and that there is a common book or scripture. But that is not the case at all. There is a different scripture for each one of them. For example there is the Hebrew religion and they use the Hebrew Bible. Whereas in the Muslim religion, they use the Qur’an. These books are completely different but at the same time they are similar in many ways. Out of all the religious text, the Hebrew Bible is the most dominant one even though many people have not read the entire thing, or actually studied it. The Hebrew Bible is not only used for Hebrew but has also been converted and used in Christianity…show more content…
This is because only Muslims use this text. For a Muslim, the Qur’an is the accurate word of God that was communicated to his prophet Muhammad. Muhammad and his companions were the first community of Muslims in Arabia in the seventh-century. The Qur’an was given to Muhammad through the mediation of the angel Jibreel for over a period of twenty-three years. At first it was just oral records being told by Muhammad and the growing community of Muslims. But, after the death of Muhammad, many believed that it needed to be put into written format so that there were no discrepancies in the stories that Muhammad told. This is when his closest companion assembled it into written form. Seeing as though the Qur’an is written by one man there no discrepancies. This is one of the places where each of the books differ from each other. The final text was written in 651 and all other copies were ordered to be destroyed. This final version is the version that all Muslims use today. Many Muslims believe that if this book is translated from Arabic to another language, the new translation will not be the holy book, but only a guide to understanding the original. For a Muslim, this is the ultimate source of authority because is follows God’s words…show more content…
They have the same goal, that there is only one God and that there shall be no others above him. They both also state that there are no other Gods but God himself. They both have the same basic events and figures. They also both teach of the creation of the world by a single almighty, God who commands humans to follow the morality set out for them. They differ a lot also. Muslims believe that God spoke every word of the Qur’an and that it has been protected from any possible human mistakes. The Qur’an is flawless in every way because God is. Christians believe the Bible is true, but in a different way. The Bible is the record of God’s admission to the Jews and through Jesus. But unlike the Qur’an it is written by multiple humans together with God. Also, some of the stories are told differently like were Mary gave birth to Jesus. In the Bible she gave birth in a barn but in the Qur'an she gave birth by a stream. But, in both books she was a virgin. See even though the place was different the main points of the story were the same. These two book should be interpreted as two books of the holy word for each religion. Yes, they are not entirely the same but the both have a common stance on God and how humans should live their

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