Domestic Violence Rhetorical Analysis

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The problem of domestic violence is a huge problem that takes a good place in our society. Problem statement: Domestic violence against women is a term that can be easily defined as violence within the society and to have domestic violence, case, it does not need to be physical, it can be emotional. The size of the problem: Statistics says that there is one in four women will experience domestic violence during their lifetime. The causes of the problem: this problem has many causes such it may begins when the man feels the need to control and overwhelm the other. In one hand, we discover the abusers, the man, may feel this need to control their accomplice due to low respect toward oneself, great envy, troubles in controlling indignation and other compelling feelings or when they feel sub-par compared to the next accomplice, the woman, in instruction and financial foundation. Then again, we discover some men with extremely customary convictions may think they have the privilege to control women. On the other hand, those women are not equivalent to men .The impacts of the issue: this issue influenced on the woman contrarily…show more content…
Pathos is a technique that appears in the human figures, and it addresses our emotions. It is all about Emotions. Pathos in the first ad has shown in the woman’s facial expressions; her sadness, silence, depression and gloominess. It also appears in the text, that the true man will not leave these marks on his woman, so be a man and respect your woman. In the second one, it appears in the woman’s facial expressions also; her patience, silence, dignity, and sufferance. It also appears in the text that does not use the tough love with these creatures for humanity. We humans are emotional creatures, so because of that, I see that the first ad uses the pathos better because the emotional affects are more effective in the text and the figure’s

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