Historical Accuracy Of The Movie Troy

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Troy is a movie based on the infamous Legend of Troy starring Brad Pitt, Eric Bana and Orlando Bloom. The film centers around Paris, the young prince of the city of Troy who ran off with the Spartan Queen. This caused the Trojan war where Achilles fought against Troy. The Trojans destroyed the city and killed nearly everyone. Achilles dies in the end in the hands of Paris after being shot in the ankle, his weak spot. While the film was a hit, there are many inaccurate events in the movie that did not actually happen. It is fundemental to look at this from both a mythological and historical perspective for there is no actual evidence Achilles existed or that the Trojan war even happened. Both of these myths derived from Homer, a Greek poet who lived around 730 BCE, and wrote the story in Homer's Lliad and The Odyssey. The general story of the film, as well as its characters, are accurate to the legend. Achilles was a strong…show more content…
The Trojans did defeat and conquer Troy, but not with the Trojan horse that they hid inside. There is no archaeological evidence of it and even the ancient Greeks doubted that it happened. The war also lasted 10 years, not a month as the movie said. Menelaus was never killed by Hector and Achilles died not too long after he did. Paris did not survive and was killed after Achilles died. After the death of Paris, Helen ran off with another Trojan named Deiphobus. Hectors wife did not manage to escape and her son was slain. The movie also forgets a few more minor characters from the story for example, Diomedes of Argos, The son of Achilles,Penthesilea of the Amazons etc. In the scene where Paris must fight the Spartan king, Helen didn't want Paris to fight. In the actual story, Paris didn't want to fight and Helen threatened to leave him if he didn't. Hector wanted to go to war, but his wife, Andromache, never wanted him to. In the Lliad, Andromache supported Hector's choice to fight in

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