Institutional Racism In The Welfare System

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Institutional racism is a pattern of social institutions such as schools, governmental organizations, and courts of laws giving negative treatment to a group of people based off of their skin color and race. Within the child welfare system, it is the social workers who are being unintentionally racist towards their clients who come from other cultures. For example, social workers could be making decisions for a family based on how they view their race or how they feel a family’s home life should be. As a result, disproportionality is occurring towards African Americans minorities in the system. This is significant in today’s society because of the constant issue that racism is occurring in the welfare system. However, there has not been an effective solution within the system to resolve the problem. The issue of racism occurs in institutions all over the country and affects how people are treated by society on a daily basis. The child welfare system was created to serve poor and working white class families that had migrated from Europe. Since then, the welfare system has expanded to help minorities everywhere; however, some are seeing it as more damaging than useful. By analyzing multiple issues in which institutional…show more content…
In the article Institutional Racism in Child Welfare, by Robert B. Hill, he analyzed the persistent overrepresentation of black children in the child welfare system and where this occurs. It is seen repeatedly through statistics that the black race in institutions is represented much more than any other, Hill states that “black children…comprise more than two out of five of the 600,000 children who are removed from their families and placed in foster care” he also goes onto to state “black children…also remain in their [foster care] for much longer than white children” (Hill,

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