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Nature Made is a line of vitamins and nutritional supplements brand produce by Phamarvite LLC. Phamarvite was founded in 1971 by Barry Pressman and Oluwason Henry Burdic. The brand has a wide assortment of over 120 products including vitamins, minerals, supplements and herbs. Many nutritional supplements products are increasing in market share; Nature Made still remains the number one pharmacist recommended brand. For more than five years starting January 1,2005, nature made has been identified as the leading brand of vitamins and supplements in the Grocery, Mass and Club channels in the US. Natures made mission is to provide the finest nutritional supplement products using mass retail channels to lower consumers cost. In the next…show more content…
This information will be used to measure and determine the specifc needs of the customers and the best channel of communication with the targeted segments. Market Needs Given the numerous brands of nutrional supplements being introduced to the US market today, Nature made seeks to fulfil and honor their commirment to the valued customers throgh the following: • Quality: Through scientific thoroughness in product development and broad quality checks for wholesomeness and effectiveness, nature made ensures that its products meet industry standards for quality and safety. Nature made was the first brand to join the United Staes pharmacopia (USP) Dietary Supplement Verification Program, which sets supplement quality standards and verifies produts against rigorous criteria. • Transparency: This means working to act in full view, and welcoming responding to criticism. It means engaging in the rich debate concerning vitamins and diet. • Science-Based Content: Nature made understands the importance of providing gripping science based information and educational content on nutrition to health care professionals and…show more content…
The market for for vitamins and supplements has grown to over $7.5 billion annually. The industrys growth has been supported by an increased demand from a growing health-concsious consumer base and a swell of aging baby boomers. Rising health care cost have motivated more consumers to purchase relatively inexpensive supplements to prevent common health issues. Additionaly, positive medical results from major studies have further legetimized these products due to the scientific based approch by some manufacturers. The industry is projected to reach a $15.5 billion by 2017, reflecting a compound annual growth rate/ CAGR of approximately

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