Elizabeth Johnson's Quest Of The Living God

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The eighth chapter of Elizabeth Johnson’s Quest of the Living God discusses the Christian Church’s beliefs on religious pluralism, or the idea that multiple religions are equally acceptable in society. Many aspects of the reading are interesting, including the open-minded and non-discriminatory opinion of the modern Christian Church towards non-Christian religions and the idea of understanding other religions in order to broaden one’s spiritual horizon; a confusing aspect of Johnson’s text, however, is distinguishing between idolatry and non-idolatry when using other religious practices and traditions. The Christian Church’s generally positive acceptance of non-Christians and the belief that people of different faiths can be saved through their own religious practice is surprising and thought provoking. Considering the fact that Christians aren’t known to be the most accepting community of matters that contradict with…show more content…
An inspiring and profound part in the chapter states that acknowledging and accepting other religious faiths while remaining committed to one’s own faith is similar to “feeling secure in one’s own home, yet moved by the beauty of foreign places” and “being fluent in English, yet thrilled by the rhythms of an Italian sonnet” (Johnson, 178). If more people saw and appreciated both cultural and religious diversity in this way, the world would be one step closer to finding compromise and

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