Narrative Essay Frankenstein

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In my nightmares, I can never outrun the monsters chasing me. Unfortunately, my nightmares have become a reality. I thought monsters lived in a closet or under a bed as a child. When I thought about them, I imagined hideous creatures. Now, my monsters are not ugly creatures; my monsters are my darkest part of me. They control me. My monsters decide how I feel, and they decide what I do. My monsters hold my life in their hands. The first monster to haunt me was my parents` creation. The monster is supposed to relieve pain, but it has only increased the pain in my family. I have flashbacks of the monster destroying my family, and the images I remember traumatize me. At first, my parents thought the monster was just a quick high, but soon they realized it was all a front. Once the monster showed its true self, things got worse. The monster took my parents` money, so we would have to starve. The monster made my parents forget about their own children, which caused me to be a mother to both my brother and parents. I live in constant fear of this monster. I am terrified that the monster will come for me one day. The monster has managed to capture the rest of my family; why would it not try to get me as well? My worst fear is that the monster will seduce my…show more content…
Depression sucks all the life out of me, leaving a dull, soulless creature. Depression gives me tunnel vision, and I can only see the worst parts of life. Depression puts an end to any positives thoughts, leaving only the painful memories. Depression is like a sea of misery that I drown in every day. Sometimes, I do not want to get out of the bed. I am numb. Everywhere I go, the monster follows, and I can hear it whispering every flaw about myself. Every happy memory is no longer happy; every accomplishment is not as great as it used to be. My monster constantly reminds me I will never be good enough for anyone, not even
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