Euthyphro Vs Socrates

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Through questioning, Socrates brings out the truth, that his speaker is completely ignorant regarding this field. This insistence on punishing the perpetrator regardless of the kinship indicates Euthyphro's devotion to impartial justice. The dialogue Plato wrote between Socrates and Euthyphro was written for the purpose of sparking one’s inner philosophical thought. Euthyphro first believes that he is doing the correct thing by, “Prosecut[ing] the wrongdoer” (Plato Five Dialogues, Grube & Cooper 2002, P.10). Socrates suggests that Euthyphro must be an expert with regard to what is holy and what is unholy, or else he would never dare prosecute his father. Secondly, Euthyphro assures Socrates that he is an expert by saying, “What is dear to

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