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Rayford Herman Fox was born on 25 September 1938. He was a peculiar man with many odd talents, such as catching snakes with his bare hands. He also had faults like whispering in church. He was very close to his family and cared a lot about others. Rayford was, overall, a great husband, father, and brother. Rayford was born into a very Souher setting. His mother was a small woman who dipped snuff, along with Rayford. He had many siblings. All of them, including Rayford, were short, stout men and women with the wit of a fox. Each of them taking their athletic ability from their father and their easy access to knowledge from their mother. Rayford especially, he knew so much about how to manipulate others and was born with a capability to do many…show more content…
After he had returned he was at a family friend’s house when he met Joyce Bowman. Joyce was still in high school when she met Rayford but that didn’t matter to them. They soon fell in love and ran away to get hitched. They were married for over 50 years, and were undoubtedly in love. It was odd how they worked though, she was exceedingly conserved and quiet, and he the opposite, always doing something inappropriate. That, however, is how they worked. He would do something obnoxious and she would nudge her elbow right into his ribs. They were a match. He would be insane without her and she would have it too easy without…show more content…
He started going to AA meetings. He eventually found his way back to the family who was once scared of him. They became close again. He started coming to the family dinners again. The last good memory I have of my uncle, Rayford, is of him playing poker at our family's Christmas dinner party. Something intense happened in the game and he suddenly flipped backwards out of his chair onto the floor. Then, he rolled over, got up, and mumbled some curse words. Then, he, along with everyone else, started to burst into laughter. It was one of those moments that brought our family closer

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