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In such a small harbour city, lacking in land supply always is a big issue for continuing the urban development. One of the common methods on increasing extra land space is reclamation. Reclamation has a long history since the first reclamation project for Praya Reclamation Scheme started in 1890. After that, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, Hong Kong International Airport and Kai Tak Airport also were the famous reclamation project in Hong Kong. Because of the reclamation technique became more complete, reclamation become more frequently used on creating extra land supply. After some of the environment protection agencies started studying the impacts induce by reclamation, this made reclamation become a big issue to study in. As the results of…show more content…
Reclamation activities did bring damage or even destroy the natural habitats which decreased the biodiversity of the sea-related species. According to the study from Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society announce in 2013, the number of Chinese White Dolphin decreased sixty percent in a year. On the other hand, the habitats of Chelonai mydas, Bahaba taipingensis and Horseshoe Crab also been obstructed by the numerous reclamation development. As the growth of the reclamation, those mentioned endangered species might become extinct if the reclamation activities keep…show more content…
The reduced volume of shore will increase velocities and wave amplitude." according to Reclamation and pollution in Hong Kong with special reference to Victoria Harbour (Chan,2000). Reclamation works have reduced the volume of harbour which increases the velocities and wave amplitude thus induced safety issues to sea-related traffic and activities according to marine accident statistics from Marine Department. The risk on vessels collision will increase since the sail been affected by the increased flow velocity and the harbour area reduction. Referring to Sing Tao Daily news (2012), few accidents involved a person's death and missing caused by the increased wave amplitude which proofed the impact to sea-related

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