Narrative Essay About Going To School

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“Don’t go mom” cried Sarah by the hospital bed looking at the heart monitor going down. Nursings rushing in, taking Sarah out of the room. Wiping her tears on her dirty old sweater. In her head all she could think is what will happen to her if her mother will die, all the money as been going towards her mother's health, she’s left with no money, none of her relatives are willing to help in any way. Her father left her when she was 12 years old things weren't going well at home between them, ended up getting a divorce. She has no one to go to. As she starts calming herself down by singing, the thing that she is really good at, she looks up to see a familiar face rushing through the doors. “ DAD?” yelled Sarah. Both running towards each other, hugging and crying, Sarah explained to her father what happened. Her father really wanted to help but he just lost his job and everything he owned also. As soon as the hugs and kisses were done, the doctor came, Sarah was the first to stand. All of a sudden, Sarah starts crying…show more content…
She wasn’t exactly the rich and popular girl, she was more the girl who got bullied because she didn't have the money to dress nice or support the school in fundraisers. But one thing that no one knew that Sarah had ,was a beautiful voice. There was one place Sarah loved to go to sing at school where no one could hear her, a place where no one would bother to even go to, The abandoned classroom. She’d sit there for hours, just singing while doing her homework, she was an A student and ahead of all her classes by half year. That’s the only place she could focus and no pay attention to all the mean comments people were throwing at

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