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Introduction In this essay I am going to discuss one of the most significant covenant promises that God made in the Old Testament. The genre of the scripture is historical narrative due to it describing an event that took place between God and Abram. The Covenant promise given to Abram was a blessing that continued on through generations and was given to him as a righteous man before God. Although much of the promise would happen after Abram's death his name would live on forever and his descendants cover every nation on earth. I will also look at how Jesus fulfils the old covenant and how through Jesus all Christians can enter into the blessings of the covenant promise. Them The passage of scripture I've chosen demonstrates…show more content…
Verses 4 and 5 show us a historical reference of God's covenant promise to Abram. The reason I've referred to it as a historical promise is because that promise is one that not only affected Abram but spoke life into the existence of what would become all of ancient Israel. When Abram would have been crying out to God and asking for an heir how little would he have known about the covenant promise that was about to be made. Imagine how Abram would have felt when he was looking up at the stars with God's words in his mind "count the stars if you can" and trying to think of all his descendants to come. Not only did God give Abram the example of the number of stars in the sky but also relates to his descendants as the grains of sand on the seashore (Gen 22:17). What a great example of how God's blessings are often beyond our imagination and points to the omniscience of God. Abram, who's name later became Abraham, was the first of the Patriarchs and forefathers of the faith and as we continue to read in the book of Genesis that covenant promise is affirmed again and again to him (Gen 17:7, Gen 22:17) and then continues to cover all of ancient…show more content…
The word testament means covenant and when Jesus came he fulfilled the old covenant and made a new covenant. The arrival of Jesus changed everything. Jesus established the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and all who believe in him carry the Kingdom with them, so now where ever Christians dwell on earth the Kingdom of Heaven is there also. It is now through the blood of Jesus that we the modern day Christian find our connection to this covenant promise. The Apostle Paul refers to the covenant promise made to Abraham in his letters to the new church (Gal 4:28, Rom 4:16) reassuring and confirming their and our position in faith as children of Abraham. As we are now children of Abraham we need to recognise that Jesus also came from the direct line of Abraham. How amazing was God's plan and promises that through one man, Abraham, the nation of Israel, God's chosen people came about and from that direct line Jesus came to fulfil the boundaries of the old covenant and take all who believe in him into the same covenant

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