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Shocking truth about addictive foods that cause harm to your body Addictive Foods and The Damage It Does to The Body Introduction Even for all the advancements made in the 21st century, the subject of addiction remains a taboo in many societies. People are unwilling to participate in the topic either due to inadequate knowledge or the recollection of unhappy memories that are often associated with it. Sadly, the lack of discussion activities does not mean that the issue fades away naturally. In contrast, an increasing number of people are falling victims to various forms of addiction. The most common types of addiction are alcohol, drug, and gambling. These problems are always present in any neighborhood. However, there has been a sharp increase in food addiction over recent years. This phenomenon has been linked to illnesses, diseases, and obesity. The public opinion over addictive foods is that it revolves largely around individual preferences. Surprisingly, scientists have shown that food manufacturers have been putting additives into their products in order to boost sales revenues. Addictive Foods Other than being manufactured to be addictive, all of these foods have another common characteristic: they cause…show more content…
These ingredients help to enhance the taste of the food and allow individuals to experience the sensation of a sugar rush. As many studies have shown time and again, excessive sugar intake can lead to health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and even cause cancer. On the other hand, increased fructose consumption creates an illusion in the body that makes it crave for foods with higher calories and causes it to store more fats as well. Unhealthy levels of fructose in the body place an unprecedented stress on the liver. As a result, this promotes weight gain and can lead to health issues such as back pain and other obesity-related

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